brand introduction

The Warmth of Traditions And The Innovations of Modernity

With over 60 years of experience in producing quality traditional Chinese pastries, TWO’s range of pastries are made with love and quality ingredients. The traditional Chinese pastries are made with decadence in mind. Though simple, TWO’s pastries are made with the finest ingredients available to us.

With this, we are committed to ensure our pastries are still made the way our master patisserie has made it for the past 60 years but with a modern twist in terms of ingredients. We take great pride in retaining our traditions while updating our flavour profiles.

TWO pastries; it’s an unforgettable taste.


凭借60多年生产优质传统中式糕点的经验,TWO的各种糕点均采用爱心和优质原料制成。中国传统糕的制作是以色香味俱全为优先。 虽然很简单,但TWO糕点都是用我们提供的最好的原料制成的。 有了这个,我们致力于确保我们的糕点仍然是我们的主要糕点店在过去60年中制作的方式,但在成分方面具有现代风格。我们非常自豪地保留我们的传统,同时更新我们的风味。

TWO糕点; 这是一种难忘的味道。

one-bite mooncake

Enjoy the best of tradition with our One-Bite Mooncakes™. A TWO innovation, the 3cm One-Bite Mooncake™ allows you to indulge in the yummy flavours of traditional mooncakes but guilt-free. Savour different flavours of each mooncake and explore the many amazing flavours of TWO’s mooncakes.

享受最好的传统与创新的一口月饼™。 3厘米的一口月饼™是TWO首创,让您尽情享受不一样的美味又健康传统月饼。 品尝不同口味的月饼,探索TWO月饼的美味。